Thin MacBook Design Details?

Wired mockup design

Wired's Gadget Blog claims to have last minute details on the thin MacBook that is expected to be released tomorrow at Steve Jobs' Keynote address. While Wired's Gadget Blog has not been a traditional source of Apple rumors, we presume they have a degree of confidence in this report to print it.

According to the Gadget Blog, the new laptop is "unbelievably thin" and incorporates the same black-on-silver look that has infiltrated Apple's other consumer products. The laptop itself is described as a tapering design, thicker towards the top and thinner near the edges. The article intermingles some outside rumors but does seem to suggest that that the laptop will have a multi-touch screen.

Apple will announce new products tomorrow during the Macworld Keynote speech. We'll have live coverage of the keynote on Tuesday, January 15th starting at 9am Pacific.