3G iPhone and Apple TV Updates in 2008?

Apple is likely to introduce two (one minor, one major) iPhone revisions along with a major Apple TV update in 2008 according to Goldman Sachs analysts.

These conclusions are based on meetings with "key component suppliers and manufacturers" in Asia.

The two iPhone revisions are predicted to be
- Increase in Flash storage (minor update, earlier in the year)
- 2nd Generation iPhone with 3G and could have a different look (major update, second half of year)

Meanwhile, the Apple TV is expected to see changes in 2008 that "could include an LCD display". Other notes include scarce information about the long rumored sub-notebook from Apple with the possibility it may be delayed due to design issues.

Analyst reports have typically been very inconsistent with the accuracy of their predictions, though we have not heard much from David Bailey of Goldman Sachs before.

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