Apple Orders 13.3'' LED Backlit Screens for Upcoming Laptop?

Digitimes claims that Apple has placed an order with Kenmos Technology and Taiwan Nano Electro-Optical Technology for 13.3-inch LED notebook backlight units for an upcoming Apple laptop:

The sources disclosed that Nano-Op's LED notebook BLU [backlight units] shipments in November were only about 10,000 units, but Apple orders are expected drive up shipments to over 90,000 units in December.

Kenmos is also said to be shipping LED notebook BLUs to Apple for "high-end models".

Apple has been rumored to be launching a new "ultra-portable" laptop at Macworld San Francisco in January. Early specs described by Appleinsider suggested the new sub-notebook would carry a 13" screen with aluminum enclosure that is described to be 50% lighter and "strikingly slimmer" than the existing 15" MacBook Pros. Apple recently adopted the environmentally friendly LED backlit screens in its MacBook Pro models.

Steve Jobs will be giving the Macworld San Francisco 2008 keynote speech on January 15th, 2008.