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Apple Working on a Tablet Mac?

Crave revives a long-running rumor that Apple may be working on a Tablet Mac.

The latest claim comes from "friends at Asus" who told Crave that "Asus is helping Apple build a Tablet PC." Further information from their source indicated that it will not be based on existing Asus designs and will come from a completely new blueprint.

While Apple Tablet rumors have been running for years, the possibility of it seems more likely now than ever with all of Apple's research into touch-based interfaces. The last rumor of an actual "Tablet Mac" came from in late 2006 in which Apple was said to be working on an Intel-based Tablet Mac with docking station and HDMI output. More recently, however, Appleinsider described a project inside Apple that was described as a PDA but would carry a form factor about "1.5 times the size of the current iPhone" which we could see as early as January at Macworld San Francisco 2008.

Rumors of a Tablet Mac hit an all time high in 2003 when multiple sources pointed to the existence of a Tablet device from Apple, but for whatever reason was never released.