There have been horrid, terrible storms for the last few days. Why, yesterday I got flooded a block and a half away from my house. I had to pull over for 45 minutes before I could drive the 100 feet to get to my driveway. (Thanks, mysterious neighbor whose driveway I borrowed!)

Today, though today was fun. I had just finished closing down the registers when

BOOM!The power went out. Oh, joy. My co-workers and I tried contacting our owner to figure out what to do, because we didn't know if the security system would turn on and such. One of my co-workers had left a sandwich in the fridge in the back and she wanted to eat it. I picked up my iPhone to use as a flashlight and trotted off to the back room.

I turned on the screen and tried to peer into the room. Nope. iPhone on its own makes a crappy flashlight. Lame. I have an $800 phone and I can't use it as a flashlight?

So, I get home and google iPhone flashlight, just for giggles. The best thing ever came up: iPhone flashlight.

The internet is full of untapped genius!

This works pretty well I downloaded the images to my iPhone, turned off the lights and sneaked around my house. Bonus: It's still raining so it's all spooky-like.

iPhone flashlight, you're my new hero!

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