Homemade iPhone Case

Today was going to be about how to make a super-cute homemade iPhone case. I got cute fabric, some cute buttons for a closure all so freakin' adorable, but...

I make a pattern, I sew it together and:

Fits worse than that rootin' tootin' Speck case, which I finally returned yesterday -- so scratch that plan.

Returning the Speck cases was a simple operation. I took the reboxed cases and my receipt to a clerk holding a little hand scanner. He wasn't surprised at all that I was returning them. A cute thing happened on the way to the Apple Store, though. Dove was handing out free samples of chocolate. Dove chocolates have little sayings written on the inside of the aluminum wrapper. I opened it and popped it in my mouth as I walked to the Apple Store. The wrapper said:

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