Apple iPhone Battery Replacement $85.95

Apple has posted an iPhone Battery Replacement FAQ and policy.

The replacement program costs $79 plus $6.95 in shipping and takes three business days for service. All daya will be cleared from your phone so it is important to sync your iPhone with iTunes prior to service.

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162 months ago
My razr has a replaceable battery, but I'll tell you what, whenever I open up the battery cover to get the memory card out, the whole compartment is full of dust and dirt. I would honestly have a sealed battery that requires some disassembly or service to repair than have to worry about all this crap getting into my phone and ruining it.

Also, whenever I see a razr, or any other phone for that matter, hit the ground, it always breaks into no less than 4 pieces. I've seen this happen dozens of times on campus.

If I had the $$$, I'd prefer an iPhone, but for now, I have to be careful not to drop my phone, and I'll clean it out every two weeks or so.
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