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New MacBook Pros on Tuesday, June 5th 2007? [Updated]

While we had heard convincing reports that the MacBook Pro updates would have to wait until WWDC (June 11th), a few new reports have started trickling in that the MacBook Pro could see updates as soon as this Tuesday (June 5th). (French) posts the following from a reseller (roughly translated):

There's some news. We've just ordered the new MBP ! Launch expected for next tuesday... But Apple didnt't say anything about the specifications. We have to order blind-eyed... If i've got some other news, i'll keep you informed.

This information alone would not necessarily be convincing, as resellers tend not to have much lead time on new products... but a few other tidbits we've heard leads us believe that this could be legitimate.

Sources are unclear if this will be the LED / Santa Rosa updates that users have been hoping for, and some sources still insist we will have to wait until WWDC for the new MacBook Pro.

Update: There is some speculation that Apple may be releasing MacBook Pros next week rather than at WWDC to coincide with their Educational Back to School Program which launches next week. (If Apple waited until WWDC, the MacBook Pro specs would change a week into the Back to School promotion.)