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Pogue's iPhone Frequently Asked Questions - Part 2

David Pogue posted a followup question and answer list about the Apple iPhone with some additional details. The highlights include:

- NO Java, MAYBE Flash, according to Jobs
- How does the iPhone charge? It comes with a white charging/syncing dock, just like an iPod.
- Calendar program isnt finished yet, but I did see an add new event icon on the placeholder graphic.
- Can the pinch gesture be used on Web pages? Yes! Also on email!
- [The screen is the] same polycarbonate thats used for iPod screens, although apparently the coating has been substantially improved.
- [The screen responds] ONLY to skin touch. I couldnt use my fingernail, for example. And you certainly cant use a stylus.

Full list of questions can be found at his blog. Part 1 was posted a few days ago.