New iPod Games: Sudoku and Royal Solitaire

Apple posted two new iPod games to their iTunes Store today: Sudoku and Royal Solitaire

iLounge provides descriptions and screenshots of the two new iPod games.

Sudoku is a popular logic game and Royal Solitaire includes 10 popular versions of solitaire, including Canfield, Klondike, Peaks, Pyramid, Beleaguered Castle, Aces Up, Yukon, FreeCell, Golf, and Scorpion.

Both titles are available from the iTunes Store for United States, United Kingdom, and certain other European customers; at present, they do not appear to be universally available in international stores. As of press time, Japanese customers can see Royal Solitaire but not Sudoku, while other iTunes Stores such as Canada have neither title available.

Apple first introduced iPod games to the iTunes Store in September.