Google to Supply Video for Apple iTV?

Newsweek reports that Apple and Google are in talks about supplying videos to Apple's iTV product when it ships next year.

Is it possible that when iTV ships next year, you may also be able to choose a menu item called Google Video, and then zip through the best of the thousands of user-submitted videos on the search giant's service? Google's consumer product chief, Marissa Mayer, tells me that indeed, the two companies are engaged in talks.

Apple's iTV was previewed last week at Apple's Media Event. The $299 set-top-box is positioned as a "DVD player that happens to play Internet videos [instead of DVDs]" according to Steve Jobs. The box is wi-fi enabled and allows users to play music and videos from their iTunes library on their television. One additional feature, however, is that it can also connect to the internet. In Steve Jobs' demo last week, he showed that it could stream movie trailers from Apple's Movie Trailers page. It would not take much to also allow it to pull videos from Google Video.

The partnership is interesting in that Google is a competitor to Apple's iTunes and also offers CBS television shows for $1.99/each.