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More Mac Pro, WWDC Details and Photos [Updated]

Apple introduced the Mac Pro at WWDC today. A few photos and videos of the new machine have been circulating:

* Photos inside the Mac Pro - PowerMax
* Hands on (video) - CNet
* Hands on (photo) - Engadget
* More Photos - MacObserver
* More Photos - PC Watch

Apple also gives its developers some Apple-branded items for attending:

* Apple gear given out at WWDC (photos) - TheAppleBlog

Readers are reminded that despite detailing many features of the upcoming Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Steve Jobs opened his presentation by stating "There's some top secret features we're going to keep a little close to the vest."

Other tidbits from WWDC:

* XCode 2.4 was released today.
* An unconfirmed forum post claims that the Mac Pro CPUs are swappable.
* Leopard Server Sneak Peak with iCal Server, Wiki Server, Spotlight Server and Podcast Producer.

Finally, higher quality versions of the promotional screenshots from Leopard have been posted to our guides page.
* More screenshots from Leopard preview.

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