Leopard Details? [Updated: Fake x 2?]

PowerPage posted what they claim to be Mac OS 10.5 Leopard information, but the same information was sent anonymously to MacRumors earlier this week, along with the screenshots. Updates are claimed to be as follows:

Spotlight 2.0
Dashboard 2.0
Safari 3.0
iChat 4.0
Automator 2.0
QuickTime 7.2
Mail 3.0
iCal 3.0
Address Book 5.0

The same images were posted to the MacRumors forum this morning, but were felt to be fake by readers.

Update: For various reasons, MacRumors and our readers have many doubts about the authenticity of the screenshots. Due to the rising skepticism, readers should be aware that our Page 2 post regarding Steve Jobs' keynote details was from the same source that sent the photographs, which thus casts doubt on the claims made in that post.