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WWDC Rumors: Banner Images, Leopard Preview [Updatedx3]

As WWDC approaches, a number of images (mostly fake) and last minute speculation continue to emerge. The most notable tidbits:

- Robert Scoble claims that Apple is "readying a dizzying amount of new products" reportedly based on inside information. (previous claim).

- A WWDC Banner photo (mirror) has been revealed, showing off the usual development icons. No clear new announcements have been revealed, but Apple is prominently displaying the "64-bit" emblem. Update: More photos from the WWDC setup.

- It appears that Apple will be distributing a Leopard Preview build to developers at WWDC. Apple has already posted some sample code with the Build Requirement: "Leopard Preview". Update: Apple has removed the page. A screenshot can be seen here.

- More iPhone images and movies (Update: movie confirmed fake).