Apple's iTunes Movie Store Hurdles - 2007?

Businessweek provides some added commentary and color to the Apple negotiations with the movie industry to provide content for an iTunes Movie Store.

Beyond echoing statements that the pricing appears to be the main hurdle between Apple and the studios, Businessweek cites other Hollywood sources that the store was ready to be up and running within weeks, but the disagreement in terms may push it back into 2007.

Even if launched, the movie studios are said to be considering holding back their "hottest titles", which they want to sell for $19.99, above Jobs' $9.99 for-every-movie pricing.

Meanwhile, experts are still waiting for the killer consumer electronics hardware to stimulate digital movie sales. Interestingly, according to one Businessweek source, Steve Jobs "feels like there are few threats for consumers' electronics-related dollars for the remainder of the year". Rumor sites have long predicted a full-screen video iPod, with persistent hints of its imminent arrival.

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