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Video iPod Orders Shifted?

A previous report had claimed that Quanta had won an "iPod with Video" contract back in March. The details of this report were vague, however, making it unclear if the manufacturing contract was for the current 5G iPod or was, in fact, the rumored touch-screen video iPod.

Regardless, a new Commercial Times report claims today that the order has shifted to another manufacturer.

Most recent rumors on the touch-screen Video iPod (Mockups) indicated that it had been delayed due to technical difficulties.

Meanwhile,there have been a flurry of speculation on upcoming iPods in recent weeks:

- 8GB and 10GB Nanos this Summer?
- iPod video media on Blu-Ray?
- New Nanos in the Fall?
- Comments by Apple that the average price of iPods sold is expected to drop this summer.