Microsoft's Origami Project, Also Feb 28th?

Microsoft launched a website (Origami Project) which offers a short teaser product intro which simply promises more information on March 2, 2006.

Details of the upcoming product, however, has revealed a multi-function wireless tablet described as follows:

"According to at least one report, Bill Mitchell, Corporate Vice President of the Mobile Platform Division, showed a slide that outlined specs for the new PC category, including that it be wearable, always on, no larger than 10-inches, connected through 3G networks, pen-based, and have a suggested retail price of $500 or less. One notable spec that could differentiate this one: Microsoft is apparently insisting that this run the full version of Windows."

An online marketing presentation (has been pulled) depicts a small wireless tablet that offers a number of functions, including handwriting, sketching, instant messaging, GPS/mapping and gaming.

Arstechnica now claims that Microsoft is hosting a surprise media presentation on Tuesday (Feb 28) night unveiling an "innovative concept in development". Coincidentally, Apple is also hosting a media event on the same day but rumors have not suggested a similar product from Apple.

While this news is not directly Apple related, numerous Apple Tablet rumors have sparked interest in the possibility of an Apple-branded touch-based computer.

Update: A copy of the marketing video is provided here.