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Mac OS X Updates and Next Generation Finder Development

Apple has reportedly started testing of a Mac OS X 10.4.5 update (Build 8H5), but also appears to be working on the "next generation versions" of Finder with a focus on advanced search features, navigation, and performance/responsiveness.

Apple has recently posted a Job description looking to hire a Finder Software Engineer. The interested candidate should be able to:

- Participate in all of the various stages of feature development from design brainstorms, through feature development, all the way to fixing that last critical elusive bug under a tight release deadline.
- You will be required to produce clear designs, excellent implementation and tight code.
- Deliver tight, well implemented features, fix bugs and develop Finder into the best file browser on the planet.
- Work on performance and responsiveness of the Finder, making it feel lightweight, fast, snappy and pleasant to use.

While it's unclear if this job description applies to Mac OS X 10.5, Apple did announce at WWDC 2005 that the next version of Mac OS X 10.5 would be called Leopard and would be released in Late 2006/Early 2007. A preview is expected at WWDC 2006.

While little information about Mac OS X 10.5 has leaked out, one early Page 2 report claimed "extensive use of Spotlight alongside an improved user interface and performance improvement."