Apple announces iPod nano

Apple announced a replacement to the iPod mini line today. The iPod nano. The iPod nano comes in 2GB and 4GB flavors and offers a smaller/sleeker package:

- 1000 songs in your pocket
- Color display, can support photos
- Click wheel navigation
- 80% smaller in volume than the original iPod. 1.5 ounces
- 1/2 the thickness of the iPod mini
- Supports the dock connector
- 14 hour rechargeable battery
- Flash memory instead of a hard drive
- New graphical clock, games, stopwatch, lap timer, screen lock
- White and Black models available.
- $199 and $249 for 2GB and 4GB models

Last minute rumors of the "nano" appeared on Page 2 but was met with skepticism. Meanwhile, legitimate reports that Apple would be moving the iPod mini line to a flash based design appeared in late August based on supply deals made with Samsung.

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