TigerDirect Loses Preliminary Injuction

Appleinsider reports that TigerDirect has lost its preliminary injuction against Apple over the Tiger Trademark.

TigerDirect had previous objected to Apple's use of Tiger with respect to Mac OS X 10.4, claiming that it affect its own ability to market its product/services.

According to court documents, Apple successfully defending claims from TigerDirect.

Apple also entered into evidence a survey that revealed only 6% of consumers associated the name "Tiger" with TigerDirect. Meanwhile, the survey of 517 people showed that only 4 people associated the name "Tiger" with a company -- a result the Court found most interesting. Apple asserted that TigerDirect does not posses a protected family of Tiger marks, as defined by applicable trademark law, nor does it retain a valid Tiger mark for computer goods.