Misc Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger Tidbits...

Apple has started a Tiger-related developer mailing list for Quartz Composer which is a "new application/technology in Tiger that allows non-programers to develop graphics processing modules without writing a single line of code, and explore the visual technologies available in Mac OS X without needing to learn the application programming interface (API) for that technology."

A graphing calculator has been included in Mac OS X 10.4 and is called "Grapher". Only a small reference is made on this page describing it: "Create 2D and 3D graphs with this lovely full-featured equation grapher." After the trademark of Graphulator there was speculation that Apple would introduce an application under that name.

Meanwhile, the transition from "Rendezvous" to "Bonjour" appears to have been completed in Tiger. Apple's new Bonjour webpage describing the technology. Apple had to change the name for the zero-configuration technology due to a legal dispute.