Apple iPod Camera Connector [Update x2]

In addition to New iPod Models released today, Apple also announced a new "iPod Camera Connector" accessory.

The optional accessory allows users to connect their digital camera directly to the iPod Photo and to import their photos into the iPod.

Imported photos are viewable on the iPod Photo and can be synced with iPhoto on the Mac (as well as various photo apps on the PC). It will be available in late March for $29.

Recent comments by PortalPlayer's CEO predicted the emergance of more Photo integration with existing media players.

Update: CNet posts more details about the upcoming camera connector. It is described as "a small white plastic device, similar in appearance to a small docking station, that has a cable for connecting to the iPod and a USB port for connecting to a camera. It will work with both the new iPod Photos and with earlier photo player models".

Update #2: AppleInsider has posted a picture of the new addition shown at an Apple Japan press conference.