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Keynote Over - MacRumors updates shortly. Visit Apple Store to see what's new. Keynote transcript avaliable here.

IRC - Internet Relay Chat
In order of preference (please choose only one):

1) If you have an IRC Client, point it to server: channel: #macrumors for moderated Keynote updates, and channel #macrumorschat for live keynote discussion.
2) If you do not have an IRC Client or do not know how to configure one, choose one of the following options
a) Java IRC Chat - This Java-based client will also allow you to watch, but not participate.
b) MRChat 1.0.1 (Mac OS X download) - will allow you to watch updates, but will not allow you to chat during the event.

Live website updates
Live updates will also be provided on will direct you to the proper location when the time approaches.