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iLife '05, Keynote 2, Asteroid, and Other New Applications? [Updated]

Think Secret reports announcements they expect at Macworld Expo in San Francisco in January:
  • iLife '05:
    • iTunes 4.7.1 -- minor update
    • iPhoto 5 -- update
    • iMovie 5 HD -- new name; support for high definition video, MPEG-4, and the 16:9 aspect ratio
    • iDVD 5 -- one-click copying of DV tapes to DVDs; support for dual-layer DVD media; burning directly from an iPhoto library
    • Garageband 2 -- additional instruments and possibly new loops
  • Keynote 2 -- new transitions, which Steve Jobs has been observed using in presentations (see also previous rumor)
  • Asteroid (code-name), previously rumored and the subject of legal action
  • Crossbow (code-name) -- new application related to Keynote
  • Slingshot (code-name) -- new application related to Keynote
  • Sugar (code-name) -- new application, purpose unknown

[Update] The application code-named Sugar is now believed to be iWork '05. Think Secret also reports that Jam Pack 4: Symphony Orchestra will accompany (and require) GarageBand 2, providing 2000 new loops and 30 new instruments.