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New iPod Details, Specs and Prices

MSNBC has posted the Newsweek article providing details, more photos and pricing for the new iPods.

New features include:

- Click wheel (like the iPod Mini)
- A millimeter thinner
- More efficient Menus
- Multiple on-the-go playlists
- Listen to audiobooks slower or 25 percent faster without affecting pitch
- Longer play - 12 hours of battery life due to more power conservation
- Lower price: 40GB - $399, 20GB $299 (no 15 gig model now)
- Still white
These new models leave a gap in the high end ($499) price point which will presumably be filled by the previously rumored 60GB iPod. Toshiba had previously announced that their 60GB 1.8" HD would be available in July-August and that it had already been ordered by Apple.