ISSCC 2004: IBM on PowerPC 970FX

This IDG news article provides some very limited coverage of IBM's PowerPC presentation yesterday at the International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) 2004.

This particular article offers very few details, but does confirm a 2.5GHz rated PowerPC 970FX from IBM. According to senior technical staff member at IBM:

IBM's 2.5GHz PowerPC 970FX will dissipate about 50 watts of power during typical use, down from 66 watts consumed by its PowerPC 970 predecessor at a lower clock speed

Apple is using the PowerPC 970FX (at 2.0 GHz) in their Xserve G5s, and will presumably use the new processor in upcoming PowerMac revisions. More coverage of IBM's Monday presentation will be posted as available. IBM will also presenting information on the PowerTune technology on Wednesday February 18th.

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