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iApp Updates Coming: iMovie, iTunes, iPhoto and New App?

Reliable sources report that Mac users will be seeing iApp updates in the near future, possibly as early as MacWorld Expo in January 2004.

As rumored, iMovie 3.5 is in the works, but will not bring major new features to the consumer DV application. Minor improvements and interface tweaks are instead expected.

Apple last updated iTunes to version 4.1 alongside the introduction of the Windows version of the jukebox. According to reports, we will soon see another iTunes 4 update with improvements related to Purchased Music, iPods and Music Store Availability.

iPhoto will also be finally seeing some improvements... with Apple adding support for Photo Albums and Photo Print services to "some" countries outside the United States.

Also near release is a completely new Application... no details yet available, but could also be introduced as early as the January MacWorld Expo.