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Apple Marketshare, iTMS Windows and Apple as a Software Company...

Yesterday, Fred Anderson, Apple's Chief Financial Officer, spoke at the Smith Barney Citigroup, Inc. 2003 Technology Conference and provided some forward looking thoughts on Apple's position. (Webstream available)

Key notes from the Speech:

- PowerMac G5 2.0GHz machines now shipping

- 7 Million active Mac OS X users.

- Panther is due before the end of this calendar year.

- Over 5 million Safari downloads since 1.0 release.

- "You can see, we are getting more and more into the software business so that we become - over time - less dependent on hardware"

- "We're committed to porting iTunes to the Windows platform by the end of the calendar year"

- The iTunes Music Store for Windows is thought to convince people to purchase iPods and -- over time -- Macintoshes.

- US Consumer Marketshare increasing from 1.2% to 3.5% from Q1 2001 -> Q1 2003.

- Education Marketshare increased from 15% to 16% from Q3 2002 -> Q3 2003

- Portable Marketshare (Education) increased from 24% to 30%. (Although Dell has #1 overall, Apple is #1 is portables.)

This Apple August 2003 Investor Presentation PDF provides slides that seem to follow Anderson's talk -- and provides graphs which are referenced in his presentation.

MacObserver provides their own notes on the speech.