PowerMac G5 1.6GHz Benchmarks and Photos

Some early benchmarks of the PowerMac G5 1.6GHz have been posted to Chaosmint.com, thanks to David Marcus and James F. Haw.

The numbers provide an early look into the low-end PowerMac G5. A few caveats however:

1) XBench and Cinebench 2003 are not G5-aware applications and as a result may need to be tweaked to accurately measure the performance of the G5.

2) The comparison machine that people will compare it to most likely be a Dual 1.42GHz machine. Remember that you are comparing two G4 processors compared to one G5.

3) XBench results seem to vary widely on the same hardware.

4) A better test would be a Photoshop benchmark using the old and G5-aware versions of Photoshop.


Photo of the 1.6GHz PowerMac next to a G4 PowerMac. (attrib: James F Haw)

Photo of the inside of a single processor G5. (courtesy of richcigar).