Apple Financial Call Hilights

Hilights from Apple's Conference Call today:

- 771,000 CPUs shipped during the quarter (down from a year ago) with higher average revenue per system sold.

- iBooks and Powerbooks sold very well with portable products being 46% of all Mac sold. The desktop products down, especially the iMac.

- PowerMac G4 sales are soft, but G5 response has been strong.

- 304,000 iPods (Record Breaking Quarter)

- 6,500,000 songs sold in iTunes Music Store.

- 50% of customers buying Mac systems at Apple Stores did not currently own a Mac

Based on Q/A session:

- In this first quarter of the iTunes Music Store, they've come close to breaking even, and sold 6,500,000 songs thusfar.

- Would not give the breakdown of iTunes music earnings due to competitive reasons.

- Would not specify the breakdown of 12", 15", 17" PowerBooks for competitive reasons.

- PowerMac G5 shipping still expected to begin in August.

- Windows iTunes still on track for release by end-of-year

(For more in-depth details, MacMinute and MacCentral have further breakdowns of product numbers.)

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