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Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse Support in Panther?

Rumors and speculation of an Apple Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard has been a popular topic of conversation ever since Apple's inclusion of Bluetooth support.

It appears Apple has built or is starting to build Bluetooth keyboard/mouse support into Panther. The following options are included in a special "Bluetooth" tab in the Keyboard/Mouse control panel:

    - Show Bluetooth Status in Menu Bar
    - Bluetooth Devices May Wake Up this Computer
    - Show Battery Status in the Menu Bar

But wait... Before you go looking in Panther's control panel -- curiously, the option is not present in the English build. Only the foreign language builds. (German screenshot).

Unfortunately, the implications of this is left to speculation and certainly, by itself, doesn't guarantee Apple-branded bluetooth devices. It may simply represent support for 3rd party devices. It's omission may represent an incomplete attempt to remove the feature from the public build -- or may simply represent an incomplete/canceled feature-set that will never make it into Panther.