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Apple 15 inch Tablet?

Digitimes reports on a tablet-like computer coming from Apple:

    Apple Computer plans to launch a wireless display for a desktop system, according to sources. The display is said to resemble a Tablet PC in appearance and include a detachable keyboard but not have a battery. Whether it has handwriting recognition or any screen input capability is unclear.

Without a battery, it seems such a device would not be portable system, but instead an at-home device. The Register speculates: "If the story is accurate, we reckon Apple is targeting not the business-oriented Tablet PC market but the living room PC consumer arena."

Launch release is planned for 1st Quarter of 2004, per the article.

Digitimes, as a source of upcoming rumors, has not been historically accurate. Rumors of a 19" iMac emerged from Digitimes almost a year ago. Of note, Digitimes is still reporting that Apple plans on launching a 19" iMac.

(See this page two rumor for some more information of the original Chinese news article)