Gobe Returns

Gobe Software has returned (as reflected by their website)

    Gobe is back! We are currently working onthe next version of Gobe Productive, the popular award winning software. Stay tune for more news on products, distributors andresellers.

Gobe produced an office suite for Windows, Linux and the BeOS platforms which met positive reviews... and until this most recent website update, Gobe had ceased business operations.

Apple reportedly recruited three of GoBe's founders (but not Gobe, itself) -- Scott Holdaway, Scott Lindsey, and Carl Grice -- who are currently working at Apple on an undisclosed project.

Apple is rumored to be working on a Office suite due later this year, according to ThinkSecret. The word processor component ('Document') was first reported by MacWhispers, and later corroborated by ThinkSecret. MacOSXRumors gave first notice of an Apple Office suite in the works in July 2002.