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More iMac Possibilities

AppleInsider updates after a long break, and under new management and claims to have detailed specs on new iMacs.

According to their report, the low end with feature a 15" LCD at 867MHz at $999, with the rest of the line sporting 17" LCD's ranging from $1199 - $1699 and toping out at 1GHz.

15" LCD, 867MHz, CD-RW, $999

17" LCD, 867MHz, Combo Drive, $1199

17" LCD, 867MHz, SuperDrive, $1499

17" LCD, 1GHz, SuperDrive, $1699

While AppleInsider has had a good rumor record in the distant past, the site has not seen regular updates and has also seen a change in management. As a result, overall reliability of its current incarnation is unknown. (Note, the exact same specs were posted on but it's unclear which were posted first)

Our own information suggests that Appleinsiders' prices/specs are incorrect, and we expect the new models to have $1299, $1499 (15" LCD, Superdrive), and $1799 (17") price points with no CD-RW model.

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