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NMR: Quark and IBM's Processor Plans

MacEdition updates with a NMR report with disappointing rumors for Quark users:

    that a Mac OS X-native version of XPress may still be writhing in the tarpits of alpha for many months yet, and that Quark is still nurturing its decade-old pipedream of breaking free from Apple technology in favor of a cozy niche in the Windows ecosystem.

This, along with a disturbing account of Quark's CEO's anti-Mac sentiments. This is contrary, however to this interview with Jrgen Kurz, Quark's director of product management on November 4th 2002.

On a more positive note, they report that IBM's server plans are pushing PowerPC development towards 6GHz "within the next couple of years" and that this push should trickle down into the future successors to the PowerPC 970.