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New Apple Trademark: 'XGrid'

Apple has registered a new Trademark with the name "XGrid"

    Communication by computer; communication intercommunication; rental, hire and leasing of communications apparatus; providing access to electronic communication networks for the access to electronic mail-boxes; electronic bulletin board services; electronic transmission of data and documents via a global computer network (Internet) or other databases; delivery of data and messages by electronic transmission; providing access to an electronic communication network for the downloading of information and data from a global computer network (Internet); consulting services in the fields of telecommunications; providing access to electronic bulletin boards.

Other Apple trademarks that are currently not known products include: Keynote, Junkyard, and Gigawire.

One unconfirmed source writes in to report that XGrid refers to a new collaboration environment to create a LAN or WAN-based distributed computing platform. The XServe is the obvious target of this software/service.

While Gigawire reportedly refers to a yet undefined Firewire 3.