XServe Unpacking

PowerPage is mirroring Chris Barrus's homepage showing pictures unpacking his brand new XServe.

Soon after the Xserves were announced I ordered a dual-processor, dual-120GB hard drive, 1GB RAM Xserve to replace our aggregation of desktop machines (one G4 tower with AppleShare IP, one G4 tower with OS X Server, and a beige G3 just running basic file sharing) that made up our department file servers. I figured that the Xserves would ship soon after the release of Jaguar Server (whether it's 10.2, 10.5 or whatever), so I was prepared to wait. No big deal. I'd only just seen one for real the week before when a demo unit was shown off on campus.

Anyway, I damn near fell out of my chair when the UCI Computer Store called me (this was at 3pm on Friday, July 5th) to tell me our Xserve was in. A couple of microseconds later I was down there and had it in my hands.