New Technology: EUV

This article reports on new technology that Intel is planning on using for future processors:

The new tool uses Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUV) to print extremely small circuit patterns on chips, resulting in smaller features that let chipmakers pack many more transistors onto their semiconductors. An increase in transistors basically means a corresponding leap in performance. With EUV, chipmakers could see clock speeds of 10GHz or faster--much speedier than today's quickest, 2.4GHz chips.

This new process should allow chip technology to progress at its current rate. Of note, Motorola and IBM also have first rights over this technology:

Chipmakers Advanced Micro Devices, IBM, Infineon, Micron Technologies and Motorola are all members of the EUV LLC, a consortium that pooled resources to develop the technology jointly with the U.S. government. Members of the consortium have first rights over machines.