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Apple Acquires 'Nothing Real'

A couple of users wrote in with this:

According to VFXPro Apple has acquired the company Nothing Real... and it's products.

An anonymous read writes:

Nothing Real no longer exists... it has been bought by...... Apple (!) No one knows yet what apple will do with the code, but the NReal team is kept and sent to Cupertino to start porting code to OSX.

Shake will no longer be available on IRIX, and NT for new customers. Only LINUX versions will be for sale until OSX is supported. Current customers on' all platforms will continue to have support from the integrated NReal team for at least a year.

The development of Tremor is stopped.

Here's an blurb about the company and their products

Reader John Athayde contributes:

Various 3d lists have been discussing that Nothing Real ( who make Shake (a high end 2d compositor) and Tremor (a 2d effects package) might have been bought by Apple. Shake was used to put together Lord of the Rings and was also used on The Matrix, Titanic, and various other Hollywood films. It goes for $10,000 PER SEAT.