Quake III Arena Performance under MacOS X

">MacGamer's Ledge
posted a link to Graeme Devine's .plan
which has a brief comment regarding the release of
Q3A for MacOS X...

    I've gotten many emails regarding Q3A for Mac OS X
    Public Beta. Yes, we're working on
    a build, but it will go hand in hand with the forthcoming
    point release. All Mac users
    will notice a significant speed increase with this point
    release (when showing it to
    Apple they said "woah, how'd you do that?")

I know Carmack is a big fan of MacOS X (and MacOS X
Server before it (which basically is the latest version of OpenStep, which was the next stage in NEXTSTEP's evolution)), going as far as to state that he will
consider moving future id development over to a MacOS X-based dev. system. (For those that are unaware,
DOOM was developed entirely on NEXTSTEP
systems, the development platform that Carmack has
most enjoyed. OS X, of course, leverages that
technology and then some.)

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