Game Developers Laying the Smacketh Down?

MacMike writes "I'm sure you've all seen the story about Apple working out a program for Mac Game developers to help them advertise on WWF Smackdown

We'll never know the details but I'm going to say right now that this program will be a dud. Why?

I've spoken with various Mac game developers and they are *pissed* about a couple of things. There is still a lot of lingering animosity towards Apple for bailing out of E3. Developers think that makes Apple (and by extension, them) look bad.

And most of these developers are hearing about this program through the Mac Web Media. Apple did *not* consult with them prior to the program nor did they even give them the consideration of an emailed Press Release before the fact.

Couple that with the limited scope of the program (it's only going to be seen in the SF area) and developers see a way to send a message to Apple. "