Macrumors Feedback: Apple Patents and Shoddy Research

MacMike writes "What is it about the and people that you can't do a little simply research?

You both posted a story, URL included, about Apple's "new" patents. If you had bothered to spend a couple of seconds and a couple of mouse clicks on the subject, you would have noticed that, contrary to what was reported, Apple had not "recently filed" these patents but were recently* awarded* the patents. Some of the filings are 5 years old!

Both and end up looking *mightly* stupid over this one and it obviously calls into question anything else you folks might do."

Yes, you're right - sloppy research on our part. The beauty of the Slashdot-style News/Rumors Site is that it's a community contributed and policed. Keep it coming - unlike some other sites, we won't try to coverup our mistakes.

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