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Apple Maps Gains 23 New Flyover Locations Around the World

Apple today updated its iOS feature availability page with 23 new Flyover locations around the world, including cities in the United States, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. Flyover is an Apple Maps feature that provides photo-realistic 3D views of primarily large cities and landmarks. In satellite view, users can zoom, pan, and rotate to get a closer look at notable points of interest in supported regions. The full list of new Flyover locations is available below, but some areas may only now be reflected on Apple's website:A Coruña, Spain Ajaccio, France Archon, France Bastia, France Besançon, France Blackpool, England Bonifacio, France Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Calvi, France Corte, France Ghent, Belgium Guaymas, Mexico Messina, Italy Mobile, AL, United States Newcastle, Australia Nottingham, England Porto-Vecchio, France Propriano, France Raleigh, NC, United States Salamanca, Spain San Sebastián, Spain Taichung, Taiwan Wichita, KS, United StatesApple also confirmed that Maps traffic data is now available in Malaysia and Singapore in southeast Asia. Apple added 20 new Flyover locations in 12 countries last

Apple Adds 20 New Flyover Locations Around the World, New Maps Info in Taiwan and Finland

Apple today added 20 new Flyover locations to Apple Maps on Mac and iOS, highlighting landmarks and features across several countries including France, Italy, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the UK, South Africa, and the United States. For those unfamiliar with the Flyover feature in Apple Maps, it lets users see photo-realistic 3D videos of select locations, with tools for zooming, panning, and rotating to get a closer look at notable landmarks and points of interest. Some of the locations listed may have previously been available as Flyover destinations, but were just added to Apple's list of Flyover locations. The full list of new Flyover locations is available below: Adelaide, Australia Amiens, France La Rochelle, France Nantes, France Toulouse, France Berne, Switzerland Bremen, Germany Columbus, Ohio Louisville, Kentucky South Bend, Indiana Springfield, Missouri Tucson, Arizona Dresden, Germany Eindhoven, Netherlands Johannesburg, South Africa Middlesbrough, UK Salzburg, Austria Taormina, Italy Toyoma, Japan Virgin Islands Flyover was first introduced in 2012, but over the last four years, Apple has steadily added new Flyover locations to the Maps app. In 2015, Apple updated some major Flyover locations with real-time animated landmarks, making the Flyover experience even more immersive. Many Flyover locations have an additional City Tour feature that walks users through different landmarks in each city. Along with new Flyover locations, the Maps app has been updated in Taiwan and Finland. In

Apple Adds New Flyover Locations, Expands 'Nearby' Feature to Australia, Canada, France and Germany

Apple today updated its Maps app for Mac and iOS with new Flyover locations in number of cities and "Nearby" location listings in Australia, Canada, France, and Germany. Introduced in iOS 9, the Nearby feature displays restaurants and stores that are located close by. When searching in the Maps app, Nearby shows up as a list of categories like Food, Drinks, Shopping, and Fun. Nearby was previously available in the United States and China, but today expands to Australia, Canada, France, and Germany for a total of six locations of availability. Apple has also added several new Flyover locations, highlighting landmarks and features in several countries in Europe, North America, and Asia. The new Flyover locations are listed below: - Basel, Switzerland - Bielefeld, Germany - Gorge Du Verdon, France - Hawaii (Big Island), US - Hiroshima, Japan - Kyoto, Japan - Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA - Leon, Spain - Nagoya, Japan - Okayama, Japan - Osaka, Japan - Porto, Portugal - Prague, Czech Republic - Sendai, Japan - Tulum, Mexico For those unfamiliar with the Flyover feature in Apple Maps, it lets users take photorealistic 3D tours of select areas, which can be navigated through to display close ups of notable landmarks and points of interest. Flyover was first introduced alongside iOS 6 in 2012, and over the course of the last few years, Apple has been steadily adding new Flyover locations to the Maps app, with a full list available on its iOS 9 Feature website. As of February, some Flyover locations have also been updated with real-time animated

Apple Adds 7 New Flyover Locations to Maps

Apple has added 7 new Flyover locations to Apple Maps, including cities in Portugal, Spain, England, Germany and Puerto Rico. The additions bring the total number of Flyover cities in Apple Maps to 148, allowing users to see photorealistic 3D tours of those cities and zoom in on landmarks and buildings. The following cities were added to Flyover: - Almería, Spain - Braga, Portugal - Jerez de la Frontera, Spain - Karlsruhe, Germany - Kiel, Germany - Kingston upon Hull, England - San Juan, Puerto Rico The full list of Flyover cities can be seen on Apple's iOS 8 feature availability page, even though Flyover is also available on Mac OS X's version of Apple Maps. Apple has been steadily adding new cities to Flyover since the feature debuted three years ago. Flyover has gained over 40 new cities since December, with 20 new cities joining in

Apple Adds 20 New Flyover Locations to Maps

Apple has added 20 new Flyover locations to Apple Maps, including cities and landmarks in the United States, Australia, France, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa and Spain. Apple Maps now has a total of 141 destinations for Flyover, which provides photo-realistic, interactive 3D views of select areas that users can zoom, pan, tilt and rotate through. The full list of new Flyover destinations: Arches National Park, Utah Badajoz, Spain Bari, Italy Belfast, Northern Ireland Canberra, Australia Chambord, France Châteauneuf-du-Pape, France Chichen Itza, Mexico Coimbra, Portugal Culiacán, Mexico Durban, South Africa Huelva, Spain Le Mans, France Mont Saint-Michel, France Montpellier, France Nelson, New Zealand Nimes, France Paestum, Italy Reims, France Teotihuacán, Mexico Apple has slowly been adding Flyover destinations to Maps since the feature was introduced nearly three years ago, including new cities in France, Sweden, Italy and the Netherlands and nine other locations last December. The company has also enabled turn-by-turn directions for Maps in Iceland and appears to have removed Siri voice-assisted directions in India at least

Apple Begins Animating Landmarks in Maps, Starting With London Eye and Big Ben's Clock

Apple yesterday updated its 3D "Flyover" map of London, adding animated images onto popular London-based attractions that result in real-time moving pictures right inside of the Maps app (via The Daily Mail). The update causes the current time to be showcased on the face of Big Ben's clock tower, and the popular giant London Eye to constantly rotate when users find each structure in the London Flyover map. The feature, according to The Daily Mail, is expected to hit other big cities "within weeks." Though a straightforward and purely aesthetic update, the addition of real-time animated effects in the Maps app brings a more immersive experience to Apple's mobile map service and could give it a slight edge on competing map apps. Thanks to hefty amount of criticism following the rocky launch of Maps, even resulting in a public letter of apology by Tim Cook, Apple has been steadily attempting to straighten the app's course and win back the users that migrated to services like Google Maps in the intervening years. Apple has steadily improved the accuracy of its maps, increased the number of points of interest displayed, and improved the quality of its Flyover imagery, while also reportedly working to add new features such as transit directions and indoor mapping information. Apple-leased minivans with equipment rigs on top have also been seen in a number of U.S. cities in recent months, suggesting the company may be collecting street-level imagery to compete with Google's Street