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Some Casemakers Suggest iPad 3 to Be Called iPad HD

Gizmodo is floating a rumor that the name for Apple's next tablet will be iPad HD, rather than iPad 3. They base this information on alleged part listings from Griffin and Belkin.
Accessories manufacturers don't have a clue about Apple marketing plans until the very last minute. They usually get the physical specifications for new product versions in advance, so they can have products ready for launch. They also may get information about naming for product packaging, close to the release.
We are skeptical about this assumption that third-party accessory makers get information about unreleased Apple products, but share the rumor for the sake of discussion. In the past, Apple may have disclosed the designs of new products with third parties, but Apple CEO Steve Jobs said the company stopped the practice because of leaks.

Given Apple's recent propensity to name iPhone and iPad models using a numerical system, it is likely that the next iPad will follow this trend.

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Posted: 33 months ago
iPad 2S HD?

How would you like to order the iPad 2S HD 64GB Wi-fi + 4G LTE?
Rating: 26 Votes
Posted: 33 months ago
HD is overused... and to be honest, only dictionaries should have the right to use it...
Rating: 22 Votes
Posted: 33 months ago

iPad 2S HD?

How would you like to order the iPad 2S HD 64GB Wi-fi + 4G LTE?

That's like ordering an Anrdoid device...
Rating: 21 Votes
Posted: 33 months ago
Case makers are already wrong. They also thought the iPhone 4s was going to be the iPhone 5. Guess this is why its on page 2...
Rating: 15 Votes
Posted: 33 months ago
Apple likes simplicity right? There's not a more simple and clear name than 'iPad 3'.
Rating: 11 Votes
Posted: 33 months ago
what's creative about 3 ? the most obvious major updates are in the camera and the screen, so actually iPadHD makes a lot of sense.
Rating: 10 Votes
Posted: 33 months ago
Creative. I would prefer 3.
Rating: 9 Votes
Posted: 33 months ago
Who cares? They could call it watery diarrhea and it wouldn't make a difference.
Rating: 8 Votes
Posted: 33 months ago
To echo what someone earlier said, i disagree with the article's assertion that Apple has a propensity to name iOS devices numerically. This has happened, exactly what, twice, EVER?? The same number of times they've named an upgrade using the previous number and adding an S. And if we go by "recent propensity", then the iPhone 4S being the latest device, you'd have to expect "iPad 2S", NOT "iPad 3". :rolleyes: (Just saying).

iPod touch - always just called that, regardless the gen.

iPhone (not iPhone 1)
iPhone 3G (not 2)
iPhone 3GS (not 3)
iPhone 4
iPhone 4S (not 5)

iPad (not iPad 1)
iPad 2

Who knows what they'll call "iPad 3". I'd guess "iPad 3", but it could be iPad HD, iPad Pro, iPad 2S, iPad, iPad 2+, iPad 2HD, iPad 2X, who knows...

I know this is totally unrelated, but remember when they dropped the expected "3" from Final Cut Studio?

Final Cut Studio
Final Cut Studio 2
Final Cut Studio (again!)

They don't enumerate iterations of Macs or iPods or Apple TV.

I really don't see any pattern here.

What would be interesting is if they DO call it "iPad 3" it would actually be setting a new precedent for iPad naming that no other Apple product seems to follow, including iPhone which has only once been named numerically per its generation.
Rating: 8 Votes
Posted: 33 months ago

name means nothing, simpler better

stick with iPad 3

I've said it before, but why not just iPad. No numbers or letters after it, just iPad.
Rating: 7 Votes

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