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Review: Ten One Design's Clever 'Blockhead' Allows MacBook and iPad Chargers to Fit Behind Furniture

Created by Ten One Design, the Blockhead is a simple plug designed to rotate the orientation of the MacBook or iPad Power Adapter so it rests flush against a wall or power strip when it's plugged in. There are, occasionally, some products that are so simple and intuitive that you look at them and wonder why they didn't already exist -- the Blockhead is one of those products. Made from blue plastic, the Blockhead replaces the snap-in plug portion of the official chargers for Apple's lineup of MacBooks and iPads. There's not a lot to say about the design of the Blockhead. It's similar to the official AC wall adapter that can be snapped out of a MacBook or iPad Power Adapter, but its plugs are oriented in a different direction. Made of an attractive blue ABS plastic instead of white plastic, the Blockhead is otherwise functionally identical to Apple's own power adapter bits.

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'Blockhead' Plug Provides Space Saving Solution for Apple Wall Adapters

Ten One Design today announced the "Blockhead," a side-facing plug for Apple chargers that will allow users to place the large wall adapters flush and parallel with a wall to save space, and open up more possibilities for charging behind large furniture. The accessory replaces the detachable prongs that ship with Apple products, and Ten One Design promises Blockhead will fit "every MacBook" and "every iPad" adapter, with one caveat regarding older model iPad minis. Specifically sculpted to be a companion for Apple's chargers, the company promises that Blockhead will provide a "strong" grip and electrical connection in lieu of using Apple's first party prongs. Thanks to the geometry of the plug's design, Blockhead also points the Apple adapter's plug downwards instead of straight out from a wall, which Ten One Design says "protects against cord stress."Blockhead directs your cord downward at a more natural angle. It looks great and protects against cord stress. By turning your adapter sideways, Blockhead brings its center of mass closer to the wall. This means less tension on the plug and a lot less falling out. In comparison to Apple's chargers, the Blockhead plug is 1.2 inches thick, noticeably slashing the thickness of the MacBook wall adapter's required 3.8 inches of space. Thanks to the Blockhead's design, the new plug can also house two adapters on one outlet, or even adjacent plugs on a traditional two-prong extensions cord. The accessory will work on any Apple charger rated for 10 watts or higher, so it is compatible with all MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and