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Original Apple I Piece Used in Caviar's $10,000 Limited-Edition iPhone 12 Pro [Update: Disputed]

Friday December 11, 2020 8:41 am PST by
Caviar, a Russian company known for creating extravagant and expensive replacement casings for iPhones, has revealed a new customized iPhone 12 Pro that uses a fragment of the original Apple I's circuitry. The custom iPhone 12 Pro is styled as a homage to the original Apple I, which was the first computer to be made by Apple. The custom casing features a back panel made of wood that...

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caviar vision pro2

Caviar's 18-Karat Gold Custom Apple Vision Pro Won't Start at $3,499

Friday March 15, 2024 7:33 am PDT by
Caviar, a company known for making luxury variants of popular tech gadgets, intends to release a custom Apple Vision Pro plated with 18-karat gold next year that will inevitably set you back more than Apple's $3,499 starting price. The device's headband is made from Connolly leather, and features a gold visor cover attachment inspired by "Tom Ford flip-up glasses and Gucci ski masks."...
airpods max caviar

Caviar Introduces Custom 'Pure Gold' AirPods Max for $108,000

Monday December 28, 2020 7:52 am PST by
Russian company Caviar, known for making luxury variants of popular tech gadgets, today announced that it will be releasing custom AirPods Max plated with "pure gold" for the high price of $108,000 at some point in 2021. The custom AirPods Max will be available in white and black, with each color offered "in a single piece worldwide," suggesting that the headphones may be quite exclusive. In ...