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Eli Hodapp is the wizard behind the curtain of TouchArcade, the #1 iOS games site on the Internet. He's been drinking from the fire hose of mobile game releases since before the App Store even went online, and now spends his days playing as many iOS games as humanly possible while managing the similarly insane crew of TouchArcade writers.

From his throne atop TouchArcade Towers, Hodapp has a unique perspective on the App Store that has come from years of watching what resonates within the TouchArcade community as well as the wider App Store marketplace as a whole. He's played a part in covering every iOS gaming trend that has come and gone, and can't wait to be on the front lines of whatever the next incredibly-popular thing will be. Eli spends his spare time asking rhetorical questions to his dachshund Steve, and apparently loves debating his life decisions as he stands in line for hours at limited craft beer releases in the Chicago area.

TouchArcade iOS Gaming Roundup: Five Nights at Freddy's, Minecraft Story Mode, Honor of Kings, and More

Even though the first two days of this week were spent by most Americans celebrating the Fourth of July, there were still a ton of happenings in the iOS gaming arena. Kicking things off was a story surrounding a puzzling update from Five Nights at Freddy's creator Scott Cawthon. Now, this comes with the massive caveat that Cawthon is no stranger to (intentionally or unintentionally) trolling his audience with updates on the state of development of games in the Five Nights at Freddy's series, but, you really never know. If Scott Cawthon is to be believed, he's been working on Five Nights at Freddy's 6 but eventually decided to pull the plug on the project due to the pressure that comes from trying to develop another unique entry in the series — particularly with the sky-high expectations surrounding another FNAF sequel. Allegedly, instead he's going to be working on smaller projects loosely based on the FNAF universe like the upcoming movie, a VR title, and other things. What has us raising our eyebrows particularly high on this one is that Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location was "delayed" because it was "too scary" and then the game was released four days later. Either way, kids are (still) crazy for FNAF, so it seems worth paying attention to, even if these odd updates seem like a strange way to promote a game. With Season 3 of Rick and Morty only a few weeks away, Adult Swim has updated Pocket Mortys with online multiplayer battles, new dimensions to explore, and tons of other things. Pocket Mortys features a supremely agreeable free to play system that

TouchArcade iOS Gaming Roundup: Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Best Tactical RPGs, and More

While this week was filled with loads of iOS news, what's likely the most time sensitive is the number of sales happening on the App Store right now. It seems like practically every iOS game (and app) developer either has their game or IAP inside of their game on sale. A great place to follow along with these sales is by keeping an eye on AppShopper. There are too many to list, but if you're looking for just a few I'd consider the totally unique full-motion video game Her Story, potentially picking up the premium IAP in Super Stickman Golf 3 which is on sale for a buck, or grabbing my favorite game of all time for my iPad, FTL. Developers have indicated that Apple is going to do a larger feature on the App Store over the weekend to highlight even more things on sale for the holiday, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Builder Hall 6 is available now! pic.twitter.com/1jwhZkwwbb— Clash of Clans (@ClashofClans) June 27, 2017 Kicking things off this week was the release of Builder Hall 6 in Clash of Clans. It adds two new units, The Night Witch and the Roaster. Full patch notes are here, which likely won't mean a whole lot to you unless you play Clash of Clans. In that case, just know that Supercell continues to add an unbelievable amount of content, and if you start playing now, you'll have years worth of stuff to do. In other Supercell news, they released a short film on the connections made inside of Hay Day. "Neighborhoods" inside of Hay Day are the equivalent of a clan or guild in other games. Hay Day is a fabulous game to get total non-gamers started playing

TouchArcade iOS Gaming Roundup: Sega Forever, Death Road to Canada, Hearthstone, and More

This week in iOS gaming was dominated by a single thing: The unveiling of the "Sega Forever" program that Sega first started teasing around a month ago. The original announcement came with practically no details beyond Sega was doing something with its massive back catalog of games, which in turn caused speculation to run wild. Eventually the internet decided Sega Forever was going to be a Netflix-like service for classic Sega titles, which turned out to be totally incorrect. Instead, Sega Forever is five mobile game ports, with more on the way. Each game is free to download, and can be played for free forever with ads. There's also a one-time $1.99 unlock inside each game to permanently disable ads. The initial batch of Sega Forever titles include: Sonic the Hedgehog [App Store Link] Altered Beast [App Store Link] Phantasy Star II [App Store Link] Kid Chameleon [App Store Link] Comix Zone [App Store Link] Unfortunately, our first impressions of these were not great. The quality of the emulation is subpar, performance is bad (even on recent iOS devices), and the games lack any of the configurability options that have become standard in both emulators themselves as well as iOS games in a general sense. There are no options for screen filtering or screen stretching, and you can't even adjust the virtual controls, which is a particularly baffling omission as they often block vital on-screen components in these games. Our own Shaun Musgrave, who is basically the TouchArcade equivalent of Encyclopedia Brown, spent a ton of time playing these new

TouchArcade iOS Gaming Roundup: Supercell's Brawl Stars, Minecraft, Monument Valley 2 Review, and More

The massive video game conference E3 was this week, and while iOS gaming played at least a minor role at the event in previous years, that definitely was not the case in 2017. It's not that surprising, particularly with excitement surrounding the Nintendo Switch and the unveiling of the new Xbox One X stealing the show. However, the world of iOS gaming is never calm, and there's always tons happening in it. Here's some of the biggest news of the week: Minecraft has been the biggest thing since sliced bread for years now, but Mojang took the stage during Microsoft's E3 press conference with a few surprising announcements, the first of which is a new "Super Duper Graphics" mode that adds all sorts of lighting effects and fancy shaders seen in the above trailer. Initially, it seemed like this was going to be an exclusive to highlight the power of the new XBOX One X, but then it was revealed that this new mode would be coming to all Minecraft platforms, including the iOS Pocket Edition. Additionally, Minecraft is getting an update titled "Better Together" which will add total cross-platform multiplayer. iOS players will be able to play with Switch, Xbox, and PC players... with the PlayStation 4 version left out in the cold. This is great news for all Minecraft players, unless, of course, you're playing on a PS4. Another E3 tidbit of note came from the Bethesda press conference, where they revealed their digital collectable card game, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, is getting a new expansion based on Skyrim. Among other things, new "Shout" cards are being added

TouchArcade iOS Gaming Roundup: Monument Valley 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, ADA Winners, and More

This week in iOS gaming was a littler quieter than usual, likely due to two things: WWDC, obviously, causes most other people in the Apple universe to avoid the week as news from Apple dominates everything. Secondly, the surprise launch of Monument Valley 2 likely had many iOS developers scrambling to push the release date of their games back. In TouchArcade news, we posted our hundredth weekly Hearthstone roundup. Similar to these roundups on MacRumors, every Monday morning we pile together everything you need to know to follow along with what's been happening in Blizzard's remarkably popular World of Warcraft-themed collectable card game. The constantly evolving metagame, esports aspects, and much more have made Hearthstone a staple in our community. As mentioned, the release of Monument Valley 2 dominated everything this week. Apple stealthily announced the game during the WWDC keynote on Monday when they showed the new layout of the App Store, then mentioned the game was available immediately. Amusingly enough, ustwo studio head Dan Gray mentioned on Twitter that the game was actually available for download the week prior, but no one knew the magic URL. Ustwo also posted part one of a behind the scenes series showing both the people and the studio behind the game. There's loads of great looks at different aspects of the art in the game as well as discussions surrounding the evolution of the story in the series along with the addition of the mother and daughter characters. Monument Valley 2 also hit #1 on the iTunes charts much faster than the

TouchArcade iOS Gaming Roundup: Waking Mars, Magic Quest: TCG, Minecraft, and More

Over at TouchArcade, we've been running around like maniacs all week getting ready for the WWDC and E3 double header that we're about to fly to the West Coast for. The event scheduling gods were kind to us this year, allowing us to attend both events. For whatever reason, the last few years have had WWDC and E3 taking place on the same week, and we'd opted to attend E3 over WWDC as it's a overall safer bet that there will be more relevant things for us at a gaming event. With WWDC tickets shifting to being luck of the draw, it's entirely possible that there just won't be that many iOS game developers for us to talk to. Either way, better late than never, read on for the big things that happened this week in the world of iOS gaming.

TouchArcade iOS Gaming Roundup: Steredenn, Fidget Spinner Apps, Prison Architect, and More

In case you missed the post last week, once again this is Eli Hodapp, and I'm Editor in Chief of MacRumors' iOS gaming sister site TouchArcade. We're putting together these weekly roundups of the biggest news and releases in the world of iOS gaming. If you're interested in this quick recap, there's tons more where this came from over on TouchArcade. We post daily news, reviews, and more, covering every aspect of the world of iOS gaming. We've also got a very active iOS gaming Twitch channel, a Discord server, our own forums, and a weekly podcast. All of these things are packed with other iOS gamers and developers, discussing iOS gaming around the clock! Anyway, here are the big things you don't want to miss this week:

TouchArcade iOS Gaming Roundup: Zelda, The Sims, Oceanhorn 2, and More

Hey everyone! I'm Eli Hodapp, and I serve as Editor in Chief over at MacRumors' sister-site TouchArcade. If you haven't heard of us before, we're the largest iOS-exclusive gaming site out there. We post daily news, reviews, previews, and more, covering the latest and greatest in the world of mobile gaming. We regularly stream iOS games on Twitch, and we've got our own forums which are packed with iOS gamers and developers discussing both new and upcoming games. Also, if you're into the whole Discord chat thing, we've got a great Discord server which is similarly packed with people talking about mobile gaming around the clock. If you're a podcast person, The TouchArcade Show is a weekly podcast we publish every Friday. iOS gaming is way more than Clash of Clans and Candy Crush, and through these weekly roundups we hopefully aim to keep you tuned in to the big news items of the week, as well as some great new games to check out. If any of this seems interesting you, I encourage you to get involved in the TouchArcade community by following any of the above links, as these new weekly roundups here at MacRumors are just a taster and there's a lot more where this came from.

Hands-On with the 'Automatic' Connected Driving Assistant System

Announced earlier this year, the Automatic Smart Driving Assistant is a Bluetooth 4.0 device that plugs in to your car's OBD-II port. Typically found somewhere under the steering wheel of every vehicle made after 1996 in the USA, the OBD-II port provides all sorts of useful diagnostic information which traditionally is only used by mechanics and for emissions testing. Over the years, a number of devices have been released for home mechanics to connect to this port -- both to a Mac via USB and to iOS devices via the dock port. However, for the mechanical layman none of them have been that useful, with functionality specifically for figuring out why your "Check Engine" light is on or otherwise tuning/tweaking your engine. Automatic changes all that. The Smart Driving Assistant is about the size of two matchbooks, and lives its life constantly connected to your car's OBD-II port. Unboxing the device is uneventful, as all that's really in the box is the Smart Driving Assistant, a small Automatic "A" bumper sticker, and a piece of paper that essentially tells you to download the Automatic app on your iPhone. Setup is simple, and involves creating a simple login to the Automatic service and then pairing your iPhone using the unique security code printed on the bottom of the Smart Driving Assistant. From there, it asks you to start your vehicle, and you're on your way. Amusingly enough, to get the setup to actually finish the engine of your car has to start. I drive a 2011 Prius, and the internal combustion engine only fires up when it's actually needed. So, there