Report: Work on Multiple Next-Gen Vision Pro Headsets Ongoing, Including Cheaper Model

Work on multiple next-generation Vision Pro headsets is ongoing, according to two new reports coming out of Asia.

Apple Vision Pro with battery Feature Blue Magenta
DigiTimes claims that there are a total of four different second-generation Vision Pro headsets in development, including a direct successor to the first-generation model and a more affordable model. The nature of the other two second-generation models is unclear.

The bill of materials (BOM) for the more affordable headset will reportedly be half that of the first-generation Vision Pro to enable a significantly reduced retail price. Samples of this device are apparently set to begin production in the second half of 2024, with launch following in the second half of 2025 at the earliest.

According to a separate report from Interface News, Apple has begun to communicate with its supply chain about second- and third-generation Vision Pro products, seeking to reduce costs to bring down prices and boost sales in the future. Interface News also claims that mass production of the first-generation Vision Pro will begin in December with an initial batch of 400,000 units. Apple apparently has a sales target of about one million units for 2024.

The first-generation Vision Pro headset is due to launch early next year in the United States with a starting price of $3,499.

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X38 Avatar
25 weeks ago
Every article about AVP gets spammed with comments that it can’t possibly succeed with such an unaffordable price. But while it definitely seems high, is it truly ‘unaffordable’?
I suspect for most people (myself included), it is not truly unaffordable in the sense of being a literally impossible purchase. Clearly many typical Apple customers can and do spend such sums of money on many things in life - for instance, $3500 would be considered a fantastical bargain for things such as housing, transportation, education, health care coverage, etc. by most of us. But it is definitely a very daunting amount for a discretionary expense. If I bought one, and found I didn’t really use it or like it, that $3500 would be a very painful mistake and would probably mean regrettable sacrifices elsewhere for most people. However, if it ended up being even a fraction as beneficial to my life as say, my vehicle (which costs far more to purchase and operate), I’d be thrilled with the price.

So to ground my perception a bit, I’ve gone back and considered the introductory (base models only) prices of some of the significantly innovative Apple (and non-Apple) products over the years. I used this web site to adjust for inflation and normalize everything to 2024 dollars for comparison:
[HEADING=2]Inflation Calculator | Find US Dollar's Value From 1913-2023 ('')[/HEADING]
Easily calculate how the buying power of the U.S. dollar has changed from 1913 to 2023. Get inflation rates and U.S. inflation news. (

Apple 1 (one of the first consumer market home computers, and obviously the start of Apple): $666.66 in 1976 = $3,563.26 in 2024.

Apple II (one of the first generation mass consumer market computers and Apple’s first major product): $1298 in 1977 = $6,514.14 in 2024.

Apple /// (Apple‘s first ’business’ class product): $4340 in 1980 = $16,018.34 in 2024.

Apple Profile (Apple’s first hard drive, with 5 MB of storage): $3499 in 1981 = $11,706.71 in 2024.

Apple Lisa (first commercially available GUI computer): $9995 in 1983 = $30,519.57 in 2024.

Macintosh (the computer for the rest of us…): $2495 in 1984 = $7,303.15 in 2024.

Mac II (first ’business’ class Mac): $5498 in 1987 = $14,719.10 in 2024.

Macintosh Portable (first Mac laptop): $7300 in 1989 = $17,904.25 in 2024.

Mac IIFX (first real graphics power house Mac): $8969 in 1990 = $20,870.05 in 2024.

Power Mac 6100/60 (first RISC based Mac, cheapest version): $1820 in 1994 = $3,734.89 in 2024.

iMac (Apple’s return to ‘consumer’ priced products when Jobs came back): $1299 in 1998 = $2,423.69 in 2024.

Newton Message Pad 100 (first PDA): $900 in 1993 = $1,894.22 in 2024.

iPod (Apple’s first music player, held 1000 songs, put Apple in the mainstream): $399 in 2001 = $685.57 in 2024.

iPhone (put the internet everywhere, put Apple on top, defined smartphones): $499 in 2007 = $731.93 in 2024.

and some key non Apple products:

Other first generation hobbyist, home, and business personal computers:
Altair 8800: $621 in 1975 = $3,510.46 in 2024.
Radio Shack TRS-80: $599.95 in 1977 = $3,010.91 in 2024.
Commodore PET: $795 in 1977 = $3,989.78 in 2024.
Atari 400: $550 in 1979 = $2,303.99 in 2024.
Texas Instruments 99/4: $1150 in 1979 = $4,817.44 in 2024.
IBM PC: $1565 in 1981 = $5,236.07 in 2024.

Other early generation ‘personal’ digital electronics:
HP 9100A (desktop programmable calculator - first ‘personal computer’): $5000 in 1968 = $43,696.41 in 2024.
HP 35 (first pocket scientific calculator): $395 in 1972 = $2,873.93 in 2024.
Texas Instruments 59 (programmable pocket calculator): $300 in 1977 = $2,873.93 in 2024.
Hamilton Pulsar P1 (first electronic digital watch): $2100 in 1972 = $15,279.11 in 2024

and finally, some other premium VR products:
Microsoft HoloLens: $3000 in 2016 = $3,801.48 in 2024.
Microsoft HoloLens 2 (probably best regarded prior to Vision Pro): $3500 in 2019 = $4,163.56 in 2024.
VPL Research (the company that coined the term ‘virtual reality’): $250,000 in 1989 = $613,159.27 in 2024. - I was fortunate enough to get to try a demo of one of these as a student in 1992. It took two Silicon Graphics workstations to render then images and a top of the line Mac to run the virtual environment. It was absolutely amazing in its day and I was convinced would be the future for graphics oriented computer work someday, but the price was obviously beyond comprehension. Been waiting for this day ever since - $3500 is a whole different discussion than $600k…

So, what does all that mean for the price of Vision Pro? Obviously, it’s still very expensive as a personal electronics item. Affordable I suppose depends on relative to what.
But considering that it can do absolutely everything that all of the above listed items could do (with the exception of fitting in your pocket or on your wrist), can do it much better in most cases, and can do things far beyond what any of those other items can do, yet at a normalized price that is far less in most cases, it seems likely that it is priced to sell at least as well as almost all of the above.

So, given the ground breaking nature of the above listed products and the ground breaking nature of Vision Pro, I have to admit $3500 is probably a price point at which it can be quite successful.

Still wish it was cheaper… :-(
Score: 25 Votes (Like | Disagree)
McDLT Avatar
25 weeks ago
This is a hard pass at any price for me. I waste too much time on screens already. I can’t be the only one who is getting to the point of wanting to be done with all of them…
Score: 11 Votes (Like | Disagree)
Return Zero Avatar
25 weeks ago
It's almost like people forget:

the original imac was $1300 base ($2500 in 2023 $$)
the original iPhone was $500 WITH a 2-year contract ($750 in 2023 $$)
the original macbook air with SSD option was $2800 ($4000 in 2023 $$)

The apple desktop, phone, and laptop prices have remained remarkably consistent over the years when adjusting for inflation. They have also gradually moved downmarket with $500 desktops, $400 no-contract phones, and $900 laptops that are all extremely capable, all while maintaining compelling products at higher market tiers as well. The stupid hubbub over this $3500 starting price will be forgotten sooner than later.
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Rogifan Avatar
25 weeks ago

Right. Just like the apple watch, and the ipad, and the iphone, and the ipod. Apple has such a poor track record when it comes to this sort of thing!
All of those were better versions of things people already used. OK maybe not the Apple Watch but wearing something on your wrist isn’t nearly as obtrusive as big, bulky googles on your face. Heck prior to the release of Apple Watch Tim Cook said people only wear glasses if they have to. He’s not wrong. The idea that Apple will get the masses to wear these things is laughable.
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mattopotamus Avatar
25 weeks ago
As much as the Apple vision intrigues me, I just know there is going to be a massive price reduction in the second version. Even a cheaper version, if true, in less than 1 year would be a slap in the face to early adopters.
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Sorinut Avatar
25 weeks ago

The stupid hubbub over this $3500 starting price will be forgotten sooner than later.
Just like the device itself.
Score: 7 Votes (Like | Disagree)

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