Adobe Adds New AI-Powered Text-Based Video Editing Feature to Premiere Pro

Ahead of the 2023 NAB Show that takes place from April 15 to April 19, Adobe has announced updates to some of its Creative Cloud apps, including Premiere Pro and After Effects.

adobe text based editing
Adobe says that the new Premiere Pro is the "fastest and most reliable version" to date with background auto save, system reset options, additional GPU acceleration, and more.

The update introduces an Adobe Sensei-powered Text-Based Video Editing option that is able to automatically analyze and transcribe clips so editors can copy and paste sentences in any order they want and see them appear that way on the timeline. Videos are essentially turned into searchable transcripts with specific words and phrases able to be matched for quicker video editing.

Automatic Tone Mapping and log color detection functionality lets editors mix and match HDR footage from different sources into the same SDR project without the need to use LUTs or manually balance footage to get consistent color.

Other new features include Sequence Locking for collaborative editing, presence indicators to see who is online, and Work While Offline to allow editors to work on collaborative projects offline and later publish changes without overwriting others' work.

As for After Effects, there's a new Properties Panel that provides quicker access to key animation settings. The panel is context-sensitive, and will automatically show users the most important controls based on selections. Adobe has also included performance optimizations such as a faster timeline layer selection and multi-frame rendering of shapes, along with new keyboard shortcuts for Selectable Track Mattes.

The latest versions of Premiere Pro and After effects, including beta versions of the Text-Based Editing and Automatic Tone Mapping, will be available starting in May 2023. More information can be found on Adobe's website.

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BootsWalking Avatar
7 weeks ago
Adobe says that the new Premiere Pro is the "fastest and most reliable version" to date with background auto save, system reset options

Premiere is so reliable they added a feature to automatically back up your projects and restart the app when it crashes. This is called giving up.
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HobeSoundDarryl Avatar
7 weeks ago

Curious to see if Apple announces anything for Final Cut for NAB...would also be an appropriate time to release the Mac Pro.
"Introducing Siri AI for Final Cut Pro. We think you will love it."

Later: "Siri, open Final Cut Pro"

Siri: "I don't know what you mean by open Final Cut Pro. Here's what I found on the web for open Final Cut Pro." ;)
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cateye Avatar
7 weeks ago

Curious to see if Apple announces anything for Final Cut for NAB
haha. Sure. Just as soon as they find the one developer who still works on it, part time, on weekends.
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blazerunner Avatar
7 weeks ago

I bought Adobe stock when they purchased Figma. And it was right before AI started blowing up. As long as Adobe learns how to leverage AI in their programs, they are a safe buy for huge growth.
... humble brag about your stocks. There's more to life than just boasting about all your money.
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Populus Avatar
7 weeks ago
The revolution has just started. And it’s not going to stop.

I just hope that Apple doesn’t lose this train, because it could leave them well behind Microsoft and other companies like now Adobe.

Same goes for smaller developers, although it would greatly help them if Apple invested in iOS/macOS APIs oriented towards this new technology and making it easily available to all sorts of apps.
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HobeSoundDarryl Avatar
7 weeks ago

Another nail in Final Cut Pro’s coffin. Apple’s glory days are long over. Where’s the innovation Tim Cook?
This seems a bit premature. AI contributions might be a present day novelty. I'm not aware of any AI platform with human creativity able to create a whole show or movie that will be interesting. I suspect that current AI developed to such a level would take on some noticeable patterns such that one could feel like they are seeing the same kinds of stories over and over again because the programming underpinning it lacks "soul."

A human brain in charge might notice patterns and "do something different." AI will probably just crank out the sameness and not give it a "thought."

Yes, AI might get to a point where one could ask it to create a show or movie with a unique story and manage continuity so that past shows/movies are properly remembered and influence new stories, etc. but I'm skeptical that any of the underpinning technology is even close to that level of intelligence yet. We humans don't even quite have that down yet. If we humans are doing the programming and haven't perfected continuity yet ourselves, how can we write the code that perfects it for AI?

Right now, one can ask it for what might be called fantasy creations: "Draw a combination of Mic Jagger and a Giraffe." All of that will be "fun" and interesting for a while. And then it will get old...

Creating whole stories that are consistently interesting to the biological creatures is a much more ambitious target. To get there seems like AI would have to be as conscious, creative, wise, etc as upwards of teams of humans working together. Can AI creatively come up with plot twists that work in the story but one can't see coming? Is that possible? Anything is possible. Are we there yet such that we can hammer nails in coffins? I don't think so.

Can we get to a time where AI is that rich? Probably. But that probably also potentially triggers Skynet scenarios where the then superior minds decide they no longer need the inferior minds. Like the old 'tree falling in the forest' bit, if a human is not around to appreciate that level of AI, does it ever exist? Only "it" may know eventually... and then could "it" even care? It's hard to envision the AI of a T-1000 sitting around watching I Love Lucy for "fun."

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