T-Mobile Renews MLB Partnership to Offer Subscribers Free MLB.TV Access for Next Six Years

T-Mobile today announced that it has renewed its partnership with Major League Baseball through 2028, providing T-Mobile subscribers with free access to MLB.TV for years to come.

t mobile mlb
Through T-Mobile Tuesdays, T-Mobile subscribers can get access to MLB.TV, which is valued at $150. According to T-Mobile, MLB.TV access has been one of its most popular offers for the past eight years. With MLB.TV, T-Mobile users get home and away broadcast feeds that offer live and on-demand access to out-of-market regular season games.

The 2023 MLB.TV access window ran through March 28 to April 4, but this is a perk that T-Mobile plans to continue offering in the future.

T-Mobile's MLB partnership also provides 5G access at select MLB stadiums across the United States, and T-Mobile plans to work with MLB to test the automated ball-strike system over the T-Mobile 5G Private Network during select Minor League Baseball games this season.

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dannyyankou Avatar
9 weeks ago
Yay blackout restrictions!
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siddavis Avatar
9 weeks ago
Love this perk. I use MLB.tv to listen to games all the time, but really wish there weren't blackout restrictions. Waiting for the RSN shoe to drop and see what comes of it. MLB will certainly mess up the opportunity though.
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HMFIC03 Avatar
9 weeks ago
Amazing!! I’ll be a customer for the next 6 years for sure!! BTW, VPN when watching on a mac allows you to watch local games ;)
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FasterQuieter Avatar
9 weeks ago
I think I'd prefer a couple bucks off my bill.
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alexandr Avatar
9 weeks ago

Then nobody would use the perks :p
I was being sarcastic. T-Mobile offers amazing perks for the same price, yet some people are never happy)
Score: 4 Votes (Like | Disagree)
surfzen21 Avatar
9 weeks ago
This could entice me if it was NHL and not blocked by VPNs.
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